Multihand perfect pairs Blackjack gold

Win Multiple Cash Prizes with Multihand Perfect Pairs Blackjack Gold

Blackjack is a game that continues to grow in popularity. It is a game that is present in casinos all over the world. When a game becomes so popular you must constantly create new varieties of the game in order to make sure that it continues to be interesting and fun to play. Therefore, when it comes to a game such as blackjack, it is not surprising at all that there are many different variations of the game. Some of these variations are similar to the original whilst others differ quite significantly from the original. However, regardless of these differences, you can rest assured that there will always be excitement and the potential for profits no matter what type of blackjack you are playing.

One exciting variant of this game is blackjack perfect pairs. This is the style of blackjack that Microgaming focuses on in their Multihand Perfect Pairs Blackjack Gold game. Once again, as can be expected with a Microgaming game, the graphics are top quality and the background chatter and music makes you feel like you are actually playing at a casino.

How to Play

This game is played with two standard decks of cards. In this game you can place up to five normal blackjack bets and five side bets. Therefore, there is the option of placing up to ten separate bets each game. Obviously, the more separate bets you make, the higher your betting stake will be. The side bet involves placing a wager on whether the first two cards will be a pair of some sort. If they are a pair, then the payout you will receive is as follows:

  • If the numbers match (Mixed Pair), the payout is 7:1
  • If the numbers and the colours match (Coloured Pair), the payout is 15:1
  • If the numbers and the suits match (Perfect Pair), the payout is 30:1

If they are not pairs then you will lose your side bet. The maximum you can bet is €25,00 per side bet. Therefore, since there is the possibility of placing five side bets, the total possible stake for a side bet is €125,00.

Once the side bets have been sorted, you will move on to the next stage of the game which is just like a normal game of blackjack. Depending on how many hands you have played, you will go through each one (from right to left) and decide whether to add another card (hit) or stay as you are (stick). You will win whenever a hand is a blackjack (21) or is higher than the dealer’s. You can place anywhere from five to two hundred coins per regular bet. Therefore, as you can place five regular bets, the maximum total stake for the regular bets is €1.000. Both the side bets and regular bets are optional: you do not have to make a regular bet to place a side bet and vice versa.

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Premier Hi-Lo Blackjack Golds

Win Golden Cash Prizes with Premier Hi-Lo Blackjack Golds

Blackjack has become one of the most popular casino games around the world. It owes its huge popularity to the fact that it is a very simple game to learn and to play. In a standard game of blackjack, you are given two playing cards which add up to a certain number. You then have to decide whether you would like to receive another card. The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 without going over and to have a higher hand than the dealer. A lot of people love to play blackjack because they feel like they have control over the game. Most casino games are just games of luck; however, with blackjack you have to make some decisions which means that you have some influence over whether you win or not.

Due to its popularity, many different styles of blackjack have been created in order to try and keep the game refreshing and interesting. The style of blackjack that Microgaming focuses on in this game is, as the title suggests, the hi-lo version of the game. This game comes complete with top quality 3D graphics and animations. To add to this, the chattering and music in the background helps create the feeling that you are playing at a casino.

How to Play

This game by Microgaming is played just like the standard game of blackjack and, as a result, it is very simple to play. Your main aim is to beat the dealer by having a higher hand (remember you must not go beyond 21) or by the dealer going bust. You will receive two cards which will give you your value. If you are happy with this value and feel that you could win, you can click on ‘stick’. If you are not happy and feel that another card will increase your chances of winning, you can click on ‘hit’. The Ace and any of 10, J, Q and K will give you blackjack and an automatic win. The minimum/maximum bets are €1,00 and €200,00.

Betting options

Apart from the traditional rules mentioned above, the addition of the hi-lo feature means that there is the option of a side bet. On the right hand side of the table, there are three sections: Lo, 13 and Hi. If you think the first two cards will be between 2 and 12, place a stake of up to €25,00 on Lo. If you believe the first two cards will add up to 13, place a bet of up to €25,00 on 13. If you feel that the first two cards will be between 14 and 21, place up to €25,00 on Hi. The Hi and Lo will give you a return payout of 1:1 whilst the 13 will earn you a payout return of 10:1. This side bet is independent which means you can lose the main game and still win some cash and vice versa.

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Lucky Lady’s Roulette

Be in the Black with Lucky Lady’s Roulette

If you are one of those gamers who possess a love for both live roulette and slot games, then Lucky Lady’s Roulette is the perfect game for you. This roulette game is a mixture of the popular slot “Lucky Lady’s Charm” by the gaming company Novamatic and live roulette. However, if you just so happen to be a purist and, as a result, do not like your roulette games to be mixed with elements from a slot, then there is no need to worry as you can simply ignore the slot part of the game and just play it as a typical live roulette game.

However, we would sincerely recommend that you make use of the slot part of the game as it gives you the opportunity of making some serious money. For example, you can make 2x, 3x, 10x, 18x and even a whopping 80x your stake. When playing the roulette part of the game, if you only choose one number for the ball to land on, you will have a 1 in 37 chance (numbers 1-36 and 0) of winning some cash. Therefore, if you want to play roulette but also want to increase your chances of winning, all you have to do is simply place a Lucky Lady bet alongside your roulette stake. Not only will this increase your chances of winning some very decent cash prizes, but it will also add a lot more excitement to every spin.

Betting options

Obviously, there are other bets that can be placed in roulette apart from choosing a number for the ball to land on. These include a bet on whether the ball will land on a black or red colour, a split bet (where you choose two numbers next to each other and you win if the ball lands on one) and whether the ball will land on an even or odd number etc. Your winnings will depend on the type of bet placed and the amount staked. The betting stakes in Lucky Lady’s Roulette range from €1,00 to €1.000 per spin.

Lucky Lady’s Charm slot is based on a selection of lucky charms that can be found over the world. They include a Ladybug, a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot, a four-leafed clover, a crystal ball and a gold coin. These same symbols can be found on the one-reel slot in Lucky Lady’s Roulette. If you would like to place a bet on the slot as well as the roulette to try and multiply your winnings, you simply choose your symbol and the reel will spin as the roulette wheel spins. If the symbol you chose lands in the middle, you have won.

The game comes complete with fun live-dealers who you can interact with, as well as statistics to show you which numbers and symbols have been popping up the most. These statistics are very helpful as they can help you make better betting decisions.


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